The conditions set in this document apply to all users of Bimbask or any related service.


YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE PRESENT AGREEMENT. If you disagree with them, please do not access to the service or content. Minors will need consent of their parents or guardians to buy services or available products on or mobile application. If users use our services on behalf of a company, business or any similar, we assumed that company has accepted these terms, being this agreement valid and irrevocable. With additional terms in our service, you accept expressly being subject to them as to the Privacy Policy.


These terms are subject to modifications or updates. These changes will be valid since hour and date they were published on the web site ; these will be applied to all users and it will be assumed they accept these new terms. It will be your responsibility to check regularly service’s conditions in case of change, because we will not provide to you notice about them. If you disagree with new terms, we request to you discontinue the use of our Service.


Service will apply to all users of Bimbask allowing them to send and receive content between them. Once the user receive it, the information is deleted from our records. These information will be stored only in transmitter device and receiver device. Sometimes shared information could contain links to third-party websites which are not property of Bimbask, so we have no control and no responsibility for them. When users use this service, they recognize that Bimbask will be not responsible from damages related to third-party websites.

The service allows users to send and to receive text messages and additional content between other users of the application. To access the service, you understand and agree that you will need to provide your mobile phone number.

You are the only responsible from the use of the Service, text message or content you transmit through it and the respective consequences of those acts, including the use of your content by third-parties. Any use or dependence of content published through the service will be under your responsibility


We will grant to you permission to the Service only if it will be for personal use. Its sale or charge for use and access to other people is strictly prohibited. Furthermore is prohibited to change or alter the original Service, duplicate it, copy it, distributions or access without Bimbask’s authorization.

We reserve to us the Rights to do modifications or finish the service completely or partially in situations that may be appropriate and with no warning to users.

To access and to use the Service you accept to provide to us your full phone number, besides you are agree that the application will enter periodically to your contact list searching for other users of the Service. We will not stock names, directions neither e-mails, only phone numbers on the application and not in our records. You are responsible for messages and content send through our service to other users. We are not responsible for lost caused by non-authorized use of your account.


You are forbidden to share, publish and send content which is not consistent to these terms.

If you want to copy the chat history or some content saved on your mobile device, you will have to do it yourself. The company has not obligation to effect security copies of the Content and if you copy them we are not responsible for that.


Our priority is to protect the privacy of your personal information, the content shared and saved in your device according to Privacy Policy of Bimbask. Facing this, we pledge to pay attention to protection measures. Any doubt you have, please contact us at .


Trademark, service mark, design, logo and service’s name used in web site, mobile application or content (including, without limitation, “Bimbask”) are property exclusively of Bimbask. You agree not participate using, copying or distributing products or offer services neither reproduce all trademarks or phrases without our written permission.


You agree that you are responsible about everything you send, share or transmit through mobile application and web site. Besides you agree:

  • Do not post offensive or discriminatory content
  • Do not post content that violates applicable laws, rules, regulations and court orders
  • Do not spam other users.
  • Register only one account for you
  • Not to do any activity that violates any Copyright, mark, property right, advertising or any other right of intellectual property and patent of any person or entity
  • Do not share anything that promote misinterpretation, as well as distribute deliberately false information.
  • Any activity that promotes illegally collecting or disclosing personal information of other users, as well as register information, chat history and content stored on the mobile device.


You agree through this document you will use Bimbask service as personal use under your own responsibility. For any action made on the service, we reserve us right to interrupt any aspect of the Service when we consider appropriate only if the user violates terms of the service.


For questions about the agreement and If you consider any content published on application or website is objectionable, please contact us at ,You could have legal consequences if your allegation is false.